Performance Reviews

"The complete entertainment package. We left feeling happy and uplifted"
-Steph, audience member (Humph Hall - Sydney, AU)

"Mike is the consummate entertainer. Great songwriting teams with superb musicianship -impeccable timing, dynamics, and great showmanship. So much energy as well as quiet subtlety
-Peter Lino (Home Made Jams, AU) 

"Between his highly-charged vocals and non-stop movement, there’s absolutely
no way you’re going to sit or stand still. On top of that, he had some downright aggressive
harmonica action going on that was inspiring."


                     -Ian Kuo, (The Status Kuo)                                   

“His collaboration with local musicians demonstrates the power
of cross-cultural exchanges on sparking creativity.” 

                     -Courtney Donovan Smith (Compass Magazine) 

"…the new generational voice of the blues in Taiwan."
                      -DC Rapier, Blues Society on Taiwan (founder)


Being born and bred in the desert of Arizona meant that Mike was mighty dusty when he got to the rain-forest of the Pacific Northwest. A decade in notorious Portland, OR left him thoroughly drenched and a whole lot weirder, and a decade abroad has led him to perform in Central American biker bars­ and crossroads saloons, East-Asian rock-fests for audiences of over 50,000, and recently to Fiji where he thought he would meet his maker during Cyclone Winston (the 2nd most powerful cyclone ever).

Explosive stage presence with complex finger-style guitar, driving rhythms, rack-harmonica, and foot-percussion brings to life fiction, fantasy and the frailty inherent in the human condition into a big sound that you can feel in your bones. Mike holds a mirror up to our beautifully twisted reality and draws us into the tranquilizing and terrifying worlds that exist within his mind.

His recent concept album
The Wilderness, represents the culmination of Mike’s skills as a songwriter, musician, and producer. It is an epic musical fairy tale, which has been described as a “fantastical, atmospheric beauty of an album.” “A true piece of art!”, “William Blake meets Pink Floyd and The Squirrel Nut Zippers”. Find the album on Mike’s website or any online music retailer.

As time and resources become available to him, Mike continues the arduous process of developing The Wilderness into a psychedelic multimedia musical experience. He has already produced several music videos in support of this effort. Find them on Mike’s website or his Youtube page.

Booking/Press Inquiries

Now accepting bookings for 2017/2018! To book Mike for your next event, house concert, or festival -or for other requests (promotional materials, recordings, etc...) please
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Hi-res Photos
  1. 1 I Don't Have to Dream 04:45
  2. 2 Missing You 02:27
  3. 3 Invincible 02:35 Free
  4. 4 In The Dark - Falling 07:15 Free
  5. 5 The Silence (with Chen Mo) 05:21 Info
  6. 6 Witch Watches 01:23
  7. 7 Dissolve 04:00
  8. 8 Ballroom of the Illuminated 02:29 Info Your price

    Ballroom of the Illuminated

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